Thursday, 28 August 2014

Hiking around the capital

Last week I spend 3 day in Ljubljana with my sister. We did a little bit of shopping, eating, drinking coffee and watching movies.

Make up and OOTD


Sunday, 24 August 2014

Sometimes it's hard

Sometimes all you need to do is to stop and breathe. There are and will always be days when you would like just to give up on you and everything else. No matter what happens you have to stay strong and true to yourself! At the time it's the hardest thing to do but you have no choice.
All over the world there are people who live with so little but they make sure they are grateful for every day they are given. And for that you have to be strong.

Last year was probably one of the most difficult and heartbreaking years of my life so far. Probably because I'm growing up and I'm realizing day by day what it's really important in life and I am afraid that I will lose those who mean everything to me and because I see bigger picture now. I know there is much more sadness and suffering in the world now. When I was a little people around me made sure I lived a childhood some children could only wish for and I am so grateful for everything I have. But it breaks my heart that there are people around the world who are the kindest and the most honest people but no one appreciates that. You have to make sure to try to find something in everyday that makes you look forward for future.
Nowadays we are surrounded with so much but some still have so little. And a lot of us don't appreciate what they have and they don't know what really matters. Everyone expect you to be perfect, person who won't break but sometimes it's hard!

Sometimes you feel like nobody cares, you're not enough, nobody loves you and you want to change for others to like you. And so many do that and this is the biggest mistake anyone can do.
I believe that you have to be who you are no matter what and stay true to yourself. You have to have your own voice and speak for yourself. You have to find a person down there somewhere and figure it out who you are and find things that make you proud of who you are. No matter what is your last name, what skin colour you have or how much money you own.

There are so much different people around the world, who I will probably never meet, and we all make living on Earth more difficult and interesting at the same time.
Mostly things that seem so important they aren't. Because the most important thing anyone can do is stay true to who you are. Because in the end you will always have to live with yourself and at the end you could be the only person who will never leave.


Life is a game you play with your own rules.


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

DIY: Notebook of your dreams

Hay there (:

It's hard to find notebook of your dream. Because of that I have a little easy DIY project for you. You can make your dream notebook for school about things you like.

All you need is one coloured notebook or if you use Akta (I mentioned it here) you can make your Cardboard file dividers prettier and less boring. You will also need a lot of magazines you like, paper glue and coloured paper.

First you have to cut text or pictures you like from magazines and decide what you will put on each notebook. I also did small cards from colourer paper for subject names. If you like how it all looks together you just need to glue everything and leave it to dry (:

p.s.: Because I use akta I did that with Cardboard File Dividers.


Friday, 15 August 2014

Back to school: Outfit ideas

Hay there (:

Holidays are ending and that means school is almost here. Some of you had the first day of school already but it doesn't matter. I did 4 different outfit ideas what you can wear to school or on you first day of school. 

I would wear all of them because they are fun and this is kind of my style. So I hope you like them and let me know which is your favourite (:






Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Back to school

Hay there (:
It's that time of the year again when holidays are over and we have to go to school again. Some people are excited the others are not but we can't do anything.

I can't wait to be reunited with my schoolmates again but I don't miss studying at all! haha

For some school means a lot of stress. So basically my point today is to give you some advice how to deal with everything and how to be more successful.
I think the most important thing is to be organized because if everything is a mess than you cannot expect to be successful.

First thing you have to do is to find quiet and tidy place where you will study and do your school work. The second stuff is to have a planer where you write all the dates of your exams and important dates.

If you're a notebook person I recommend that you have different notebooks for each subject one.
Since I am in high school I have Akta. This is an organizer or a map where you put a paper in and than you can take it out. You have Cardboard File Divider that seperates different school subject so it's not so messed up. And I really love it because I can take paper out when I don't need it any more and if I run out of them I just buy new ones.

this is the Akta I bought for this scool year

On my wall I have a pin board where I write all the important stuff so I make sure I don't forget about something.

It's basically all about organization. And that brings less stress and you can really concentrate on studying and making progress.

I hope you like it

If you have any questions put it in a comment bellow


Sunday, 10 August 2014

DIY project: napkin decoupage

Hay there (:

As I promised there is my DIY post about a really easy technique. It's called
napkin decoupage. Recently I decided it's time for a little change in my room so I decided to redecorate it.
The main colours in my room were white, baby pink and red. I never like red colour so I painted my bed and a chair white.
After that I did
napkin decoupage on sides of the bed, back side of the chair and on my drawers.




1. First you have to measure how big piece of the napkin you need.

2. After that you have to separate layers because you will need just layer with picture.

3. You put a matt lack on a piece you choose

4. You put on a napkin

5. Make sure napkin is well glued on the base and then put a matt lack all over the napkin and

Leave it to dry


And that's how it turned out (:



It's easy and cheap way to make something prettier (:



Monday, 4 August 2014

I'm here again! (:

It's been a long long time.... 6 months! (:
It's was just a time when everything felt so stupid, my blog, my posts... everything. And my head was empty!
So I decided to stop for a while and here I am again. 1 year ago I started this blog and you can read about that in my first post ever.
Every time I posted anything I felt like it's a waste of time.

But now I'm starting fresh. I am redoing my room in some simple ways so probably I will do a DIY or just put some ideas on my post when it done. This has been stuck in my head for 2 years so I'm kind of starting everything now and I am so excited (:

Basically that is just a quick post about what's going on (:

I hope you're enjoying holidays (: