Tuesday, 19 August 2014

DIY: Notebook of your dreams

Hay there (:

It's hard to find notebook of your dream. Because of that I have a little easy DIY project for you. You can make your dream notebook for school about things you like.

All you need is one coloured notebook or if you use Akta (I mentioned it here) you can make your Cardboard file dividers prettier and less boring. You will also need a lot of magazines you like, paper glue and coloured paper.

First you have to cut text or pictures you like from magazines and decide what you will put on each notebook. I also did small cards from colourer paper for subject names. If you like how it all looks together you just need to glue everything and leave it to dry (:

p.s.: Because I use akta I did that with Cardboard File Dividers.


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