Monday, 4 August 2014

I'm here again! (:

It's been a long long time.... 6 months! (:
It's was just a time when everything felt so stupid, my blog, my posts... everything. And my head was empty!
So I decided to stop for a while and here I am again. 1 year ago I started this blog and you can read about that in my first post ever.
Every time I posted anything I felt like it's a waste of time.

But now I'm starting fresh. I am redoing my room in some simple ways so probably I will do a DIY or just put some ideas on my post when it done. This has been stuck in my head for 2 years so I'm kind of starting everything now and I am so excited (:

Basically that is just a quick post about what's going on (:

I hope you're enjoying holidays (:



  1. Super, da si nazaj. ;) Tudi jaz sem trenutno malo neaktivna na blogu. Pride takšno obdobje. :)