Sunday, 10 August 2014

DIY project: napkin decoupage

Hay there (:

As I promised there is my DIY post about a really easy technique. It's called
napkin decoupage. Recently I decided it's time for a little change in my room so I decided to redecorate it.
The main colours in my room were white, baby pink and red. I never like red colour so I painted my bed and a chair white.
After that I did
napkin decoupage on sides of the bed, back side of the chair and on my drawers.




1. First you have to measure how big piece of the napkin you need.

2. After that you have to separate layers because you will need just layer with picture.

3. You put a matt lack on a piece you choose

4. You put on a napkin

5. Make sure napkin is well glued on the base and then put a matt lack all over the napkin and

Leave it to dry


And that's how it turned out (:



It's easy and cheap way to make something prettier (:



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