Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Time away from reality*

Hello there (:

I know it's has been a long time but school has started and I was really busy.

Last week we had holidays and I want at seaside with my parents and family friends because they have a house there. I know it was a little bit cold for swimming in the sea but I did it anyway. We spent 3 days there and it was really lovely.

So we went to island in Croatia, named Lošinj. It's such a beautiful island and I was really glad to explore it with my best friend and family. 

So I will post some pictures down below. 

I hope you enjoyed it (:



  1. Fejst lepe slike! Jaz sem si tudi privoščila morski vikend v začetku novembra. :)

  2. Hvala! Ja jst sm bla zdej k so ble počitnce in sm bla presenečena kok lepo je! (: