Saturday, 24 August 2013

Let's do it!

So here I am sitting on my bed and typing that. 
The main reason why am I writing this is because I was inspired by a lovely youtuber and blogger Zoe (Zoella).
Today I realised that I have only one week left before school starts all over again and I thought this is the last chance to do something new before I go back to school. So last year I made a new Facebook account and deleted the last one, and today I made my first BlogSpot account. And this will be first blog ever posted over here.

I'm feeling really excited about my blog because this will be my kind of secret spot? Yeah something like that. I will be able to write whatever I want and whatever will be on my mind.

I see that as opportunity to meet new people and do something I like.

I would like to thank anyone who read this and if you have any questions or anything you'll like to tell me leave a comment. (:

I hope you had a nice day (:

xo, T


  1. That's exactly why I started my blog too ! :)

  2. Mi je všeč, da imamo novo blogerko med nami. Keep up the good work. ;)

    1. iiiii. al mi je učas tko bednu k nevem kaj bi napisala pa če bo sploh kdo prebrau xd hvala (:

    2. Js sm mela tud na začetku občutk, da se pogovarjam sama s sabo. :D Evo eno bralko že maš ;)

    3. Haha točn to! oo kok lpo (: hvala (: