Friday, 18 October 2013

All about me TAG (:

I have done a little tag about myself so you will get to know me a little bit better. I hope you'll enjoy it (:

Vital Statistics:
Me: Tjaša
Nicknames:  Tjaša, Tjaši
Birthday: 11th November 1997
Place of Birth: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Male or Female: Female
Occupation: I am in high school
Residence: Novo mesto

Hair Colour: Blond
Hair Length: Long
Eye colour: Blue/ green
Best Feature: Eyes
Height: 167 cm
Braces? Nope
Glasses? I had them when I was 6
Piercing: Ears
Tattoos: None.
Righty or Lefty: Righty

Your 'Firsts':
First best friend: She’s still my best friend (:
First Award: It was math award when I was 6 I think (:
First Sport You Joined: Gymnastic First Real Vacation: Croatia /Greece
First Concert: I don’t know (:

Movie: Notebook, This is us!
TV Show: PLL, TVD, The Carrie Diaries, Hart of Dixie and so on (:
Colours: Light blue and pink
Song: I won’t give up, Don’t let me go, Little things…
Candy: Kinder chocolate
Restaurant: La Storia
Store: I can’t pick just one… H&M, Promod, Zara, Bersha, Stradivarius,
School: Gimnazija Novo Mesto
Book: Tess Gerritsen’s books
Magazine: Cosmopolitan, L&Z, Grazia
Shoes: Convers

Feeling: Happy
Single or Taken: Single
Eating: Nothing
Typing: This
Online: Facebook
Listening To: I won’t give up
Thinking About: nothing (:
Wanting: IPhone 5 xd
Watching: The computer screen
Wearing: sweat pants, basic top

Want Children? Yes Yes Yes
Want to be Married: Of course
Careers in Mind: I have no idea!
Where do you want to live? London/America

Have you ever:
Kissed a Stranger: Yes
Had Alcohol: Yes
Smoked: No
Ran Away From Home: Yes when I went running xd
Broken a bone: Yes
Got an X-ray: Yes
Broken someone’s Heart: I think I have
Broke Up With Someone: not really we weren’t officially together but I ended it
Cried When Someone Died: Yes
Cried At School: Yes

Do You Believe In?
God: No
Miracles: No
Love at First sight: No
Ghosts: No
Aliens: No
Soul Mates: Yes
Heaven: No
Hell: No
Kissing on The First Date: Why not?

Yourself: I think the most important thing is to believe in yourself because if you don’t who will?

So this is the end (: I tag every single one of you who read this but especially:

xo, T


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