Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Almost over.

It's 27th of August and that means only one thing, summer is almost over and school will begin in less than a week. I feel pretty sad about it.
Summer is my favourite part of the year. I believe the most memories are made in summer. I don't like foggy weather and cold days, I admit I'm in love with Christmas time bust still what can be better than hot days on the beach, long days and summer parties with your friends? Nothing I think.

I haven't had perfect summer without any worries yet because there will always be something I won't be happy about but still who doesn't love summer? (:

And the second thing I am not very happy about is getting back to school. I can say I have great classmates but studying, homework and all other things? I mean who likes that? I don't hate it and I know school is very important for my future but really so much work? I guess right now everything look awful and scary at the same time however I hope I will be happy about getting back to school when I will actually be in school again. (:

fingers cross (:

xo, T

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