Monday, 2 September 2013

My everyday makeup

I prefer no makeup but  I know nowadays this is almost impossible.  If I had perfect skin I wouldn't use any foundation at all but I don't have. But when I put my makeup on my face I prefer natural look because I think the point of makeup is to fix little mistakes on your face and I hate putting too much makeup on, so when I put it off nobody recognize me.

Products I use every day:
(my powder is missing)

1. Foundation

Revlon colorstay is really the best foundation I have ever used. It gives you a really good coverage. I just love it so much (:

2. Concealer
I use Bourjois stick anti cernes correcteur an I put it on my washed face under my eyes and on other parts where I think I need a little more of coverage. I also put it on after foundation to cover some acnes or something (:


3. Eyeliner:

Misslyn liquid eyeliner 1 long lasting is the best eyeliner for me. I love just a thin line on my eyes and this eyeliner is so easy to put on. (:

4. Mascaras:

     First I put on Revlon Grow luscious plumping mascara

   After that I put on the best mascara I have ever use and this is Max factor 2000 calorie dramatic volume mascara and it really gives you so much volume. If I had to choose only one mascara to use this will be the on. I was really surprised when I used it for the first time. 

And the last mascara is Max factor false lash effect fusion mascara which has really good brush and I use it to separate my lashes and then they look even longer and it gives them a lot of volume. 

I don't use a lot of products, I only use a lot mascaras (: 

But no matter what smile will always be the best makeup and girl can wear (:

xo, T

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