Saturday, 26 October 2013

Review: Revlon colorstay concealer and Manhattan eyemazing liner

I finally have holidays again (: I really needed them. So today I will do my first review ever.

Last weekend I ran off my concealer and eyeliner. In my blog my everyday makeup you can see what have I been using before (:
When I was in drugstore I decided I will try something completely new. Before I always stick to things I used before but now I decided the best way to find perfect product is to try new things. 

First I looked for new concealer and if you saw my blog where I show you things I use every day you know I am obsessed with Revlon Colorstay Foundation in every meaning of the world. It simply is the best foundation I have ever used. And I was thinking if foundation is so good what about concealer? So I decided I will give it a try. I have been using it for a week now and I am really happy with it. It really covers all the blemishes and mistakes you have and under eyes circles. I really recommend it if you're looking for new concealer.

And the next thing is eyeliner I have always used liquid eyeliner because they give me a really thin line. I don't like putting a lot of eyeliner on my eyes. I just put a tiny line to highlight my eyes. What I was using before you can see in blog I mentioned before. I wasn't really sure which eyeliner I should give a try but at the end I choose Manhattan Eyemazing Liner in black colour. I hate when eyeliner get all over your face. And that's why I love that one. It stays where it supposed to and it stays on for whole day. I hate when I put it on and 5 hours later it looks like I have never even put it on. So yeah I really love it. (:

This is it. While I was writing this I noticed I changed a lot of product I have been using before. (: So probably I should do new blog about my every day products hah (:

I hope you enjoyed it and let me know if you have ever try any of products I mentioned in this blog (:

And before I say goodbye I would like to thank all of you guys who have commented on my blogs and you became member of my blog. It really means A LOT! (:

xo, T 


  1. Nujno rabim nov korektor! Bom kar tega izbrala vrjetno. Dobr prekrije podočnjake?:D

    1. ja! jst sm bla kr šokirana k sm ga prvič uporabila! Men je res TOP upam da bo teb tut ušeč (:

  2. This is a great review. I love your blog, you seem so lovely and genuine, I had to follow! I would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog and perhaps follow back... Thank you! x

    1. Thank you so much it really means a lot! Especially because this is my first review ever (: I followed you back (: