Friday, 22 November 2013


It's Friday night and I am home (: 

In my pyjama and cosy socks on my feet. It feels amazing. The cup of Winter Time tea is on my night table and my room smells amazing because of candles.

All that made me realize no matter how much I love and adore summer winter is something special! Christmas time, warm sweater, chilly weather, cups of hot tea. It sounds like PERFECTION. 

I admit. I'm in Christmas spirit already. I just cannot wait to put lights on my wall and snow and everything. I hate rain! But I love looking through window and looking how it's snowing. I just explain. And I don't thing I am the only one. If you follow me on Tumblr you can see there are winter and Christmas photos everywhere. 

Its 32 days until Christmas. Everything goes so quickly. I can remember last Christmas like it was yesterday. (:

I hope you are excited for Christmas as much as I am (:

xo, T

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